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11 July 2018/  7 September 2019**/ 15 April 2020**

Free English translation on 29 July 2021.

I would like to make an unconditional revision of the described impression of my person towards Cardinal Reinhard Marx, because my person is currently reading his book "Das Kapital" - Ein Plädoyer für den Menschen - (Capital - A Plea for Man) from the year 2008/2010 and can clearly see that his specific interest has always been the common good and from his point of view the real freedom and human dignity can exist in connection with the good and with the prosperity of man created by the global market economy.

An unbelievable historical background knowledge and interest and a very extensive general knowledge, but also many worldly and spiritual personalities that he can quote, make him extraordinary and let us hope that the implementation of his spiritual abilities will take place in reality, since he was certainly thought of as a churchman for the end times in the matter and commission of the Lord under the leadership of King Juergen.

For the implementation in the matter, however, one needs courage of the entire Christian community and not only the courage of the individual, which Cardinal Reinhard Marx has shown in his book.

My entire writings provide the framework conditions, which so far often coincide with the Cardinal's thinking, although my person can clearly hide behind the Cardinal's earthly knowledge, but would not have to hide behind the "extraterrestrial knowledge" of his person, since he does not and cannot have my possibilities and thus does not have this specifically unusual knowledge, which must always take precedence over earthly knowledge and life, in that it should be balanced with earthly life. ________________________________________________________________________

Ursula Sabisch, Am Ahrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Archbishop's Office Munich

80063 Munich

For the Attention of Cardinal Reinhard Marx


Please, let the Gerrman-language document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the right places.

Regulation of Competences/ Bill Number II.

"Ubi spiritus Domini ibi libertas - Where the Spirit of the Lord works, there is liberty" (2 Cor 3:17).

Luebeck, 28 March 2016

Free English translation on 29 July 2021

Dear Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Dear Clergy, Dear Sirs,

Yesterday, my person watched a short excerpt of Cardinal Reinhard Marx's Easter sermon via TV on the news, whereby the current President of the Council of the EKD also gave his Easter sermon via TV yesterday.

Of course, I was also a witness to the transmission of the Easter Eucharist via TV from Rome yesterday.

Especially the speech or the actual sermon of Cardinal R. Marx was embellished with carefully approaching gestures of the hands and thus by a carefully considered choice of words, as if .................. .constitutes the whole person. From this ........................................


Especially the manner, which includes ................... with all that goes with it, betrays that many a dignitary of the Roman Catholic Church strives for a ....**appropriate** life, whereby others must serve the dignitary.

Add to this the fact that the high office of a "true" clergyman is associated with enormous potential power and that the name of a cardinal or possibly a pope goes down in history.

One does not need to be Albert Einstein to be able to state that the Cardinal has a high intelligence and comes to the public with well-chosen words, but always shuts the stable door after the horse has bolted (books)*, which could be traced back through the media!

Especially by the choice of words and the skilled ............ of the last "sermon", in which he mentioned quite incidentally that we have all been living at the expense of the Third World for a long time, my person just boiled over!

This statement he made ........................( his books)* have, because decades have already passed in which a fair redistribution of goods and food was possible without most states worldwide getting into serious trouble, yet one has heard little or nothing serious from him in this regard. (But in his books.)**

Healthy children and young people have died for decades and are still dying today for these aforementioned reasons, because if any* high dignitary cares primarily about his career by Man* being able to deceive others and possibly himself through his high intelligence, yet jumps on the wagon as a freeloader when the need arises, then Man* can obviously sit down at the princely laid table every day with a good conscience.

But it gets even better! It has also been no secret for decades that many children and young people are at the mercy of sex tourism or that children are abused in their families, and not only in the poorer countries, but also in the so-called civilised countries of the world.

And now we come to the regulation of competences in the matter and commission of the Lord!

You have already received a bill through my person, which you will seem to have smiled at.

Now bill number II is coming to you as the current clergy, which is far from being as much fun as the first bill, which has probably not even been settled yet.

All those who* have transferred their endorsement for the office of a clergyman and for the office of a cardinal, no matter on which rung of the* career ladder a clergyman* has just been, will personally go to the scenes of sex tourism, which can probably preferably be found out through the travel agencies or through the Internet.

There you and the "sheeple" of your Christian* congregations will please have to present themselves and protectively place themselves in front of the affected children and young people by paying the required money daily in cash to the abused people and by having to offer yourselves instead of people from the sex tourism industry, preferably the corresponding tour operators have to make themselves available for these services of sex tourism instead.** (Retroactive execution by the Cudgel possible.)

At the same time, please you and your flock will end human trafficking worldwide through the same measures by ransoming people without the need to use force.

My person strongly advises you and your kind not to want to play the smart alecks of the end times by going to confession now and repenting of your failures so that you are washed clean again by your clergy.

My person also strongly advises you and your kind not to pray for me and my kind, or to let your flock pray for my kind, or to make any other attempt or abuse of your position, because the Cudgel of my person will also let you or especially you and your kind* be crushed retroactively and in front of witnesses, you better not forget that also in the name of your ancestors!

You and your ilk were able to protect and nurture your souls throughout your lives, which also applies to an active churchgoer as a Catholic; the people, however, who are daily at the mercy of life and the struggle for daily bread, these people could not and can no longer do that!

No wonder that at the end of time our Popes wash the feet of the "stranded" people, even if this demonstrated humility is not actually meant to be an admission of guilt.

The EKD Council President was under the same pressure during the TV broadcast as you are as a Cardinal (with a constantly thinking mind)* but what he said, he also meant and it came from his highly psychologically trained** mind.

That is the big difference that actually (had to notice my person)* many people had to notice!

Our Pope was also himself with his free spirit, which distinguishes him, especially since he constantly and almost exclusively wants to strike the "devil" or hit him at his weak points; however, I noticed again that there is a difference between us due to his South American mentality, whereby my person suspects the existence of another adversary or devil.

In the hope that the competences are hereby clearly clarified and that further multiple confirmations of these competences are available, and in the hope that you and many of your equal dignitaries will still settle their outstanding accounts in time,

I remain with kind regards,

     Ursula Sabisch

HP: I hold the clergy in Germany responsible for ensuring that no disputes about competences will arise between the Pope and the Imperial Couple!

Please use your intelligence properly, because that is what you are meant for!


HP: Once again, I would like to immediately revise the impression of Cardinal R. Marx gained and described so far, as he will obviously have come up against some important borderline questions and these unanswered questions will be authoritative for him in his behaviour and sustained thinking, so that my person has initially* quite wrongly assessed the Cardinal, especially as claimed in this letter, for which I am very sorry and hopefully he can forgive me.

Fortunately, THIS**complete letter has not been published so far, but now, for good reasons, it is also time to publish the letter * REDACTED and  corrected* in content!

7 September 2019**/ 15 April 2020**