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Investing in the Future

The World-Cultural-Heritage

Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany

                                                     To the                                                        

               ILS - Institute for Learning Systems GmbH                

Doberaner Way 18-22

22143 Hamburg

Luebeck, 4 February 2011

Free English translation on 28 July 2021.

Investment in a Future_____________________________________________________________

Please, let that German-language letter be translated in many languages and be handed over to the correspondingly places.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your letters and for the study guide.

Because of my special position, I would like to point out to you and others the real direction in which to invest in further education, so that the remaining time, the available resources and, of course, the people involved can be introduced appropriately!

This is possibly about an unified culture, combined with an unique fairy tale, which among other things also integrates an unified language.
For the entire preparatory work of this unique "story", preferably language teachers for adult education also belong in these communication preparations.

I had a brief look at your offer and could see that one needs a PC and the online access for a study course.
The very big advantage of your distance learning is that one can continue with the course from anywhere in the world without having to stop. Another advantage is that one can obtain a school or university degree while actually working.

For me personally, the Cambridge First Certificate in English or the full English course would be interesting, as I would preferably like to be able to translate German texts into English grammatically correctly in written form in order to become even more capable of acting, which also includes communication with your institute.

This does not only apply to me, but to many people who are still searching for something and who claim to have a meaningful life, but most of them are not aware of this!
Often it is young people who cannot integrate themselves properly into today's society, but there are also many older drop-outs who have fallen into the financial or spiritual sidelines as a result.

Especially those who know a Romance language and can communicate in German are preferably addressed here, but also all other interested persons who aspire to a profession as an interpreter or teacher of the German and also the Latin language in adult education are hereby addressed and very much in demand!

In my opinion, this above-mentioned group of people is suitable for people with serious language errors or problems in learning German, since these people know life and will have had their own experiences with psychologically trained "crap" (for example, through employment agencies and retrainings), which in any case makes learning a language difficult or blocks it!

However, these "special teachers" for adult education are expected to have really mastered the material of their studies, so that the grammar of the German language must be understood one hundred percent and thus even the possibility for the teaching profession of major or minor Latin can be made possible, which can mean an elevated and well-paid position in a possible future.

To return once again to a possible and unique fairy tale involving an unified culture, High German and certainly Latin were intended and thought of for people who will follow a vocation.
Indeed, the High German language is very sophisticated and comparatively with the English language embellished by a special and clear versatility.

However, it is mainly the beautiful and neutral sound of High German which more or less clearly distinguishes it from all other world languages and which exists as a perfect language as a world-cultural-heritage, which all peoples of the earth will not be able to deny.

People who have grown up multilingual or have even learned foreign languages through work and diligence and have mastered them, carry a cultural-heritage within themselves, which can mean one of the most important means of communication for the end times of the atomic age, if everyone lives up to the claim they have made and also knows how to use and apply this cultural-heritage properly.

Of course, a fairy tale that is a dream for humanity can also turn into a nightmare, which the most recent films via TV by some filmmakers actually show in unison. 

Just yesterday you could watch the cinema hit "The Lord of the Rings" via TV, but also at this point I then ask myself why there are people who deal with the psyche of man professionally and cannot take a sensible stand by using the effects of the subconscious of some people concerned correctly and not falsely!

The use of psychology or rather the misuse of the psyche of man in professional training and professional practice has also been in your offer for some time, preferably as a media expert, a controller, a personnel specialist, a personnel officer or especially as a manager in all management levels.

One must be able to clearly recognise that hardly any studies exist and are offered without the integration and application of psychology, which is more than just regrettable and will require unconditional attention in a future, which can only be controlled and "taken out of the individual's hands" by the Monumental-Area. 

Likewise, this applies to the ability or mastery of the High German language of man in a similar way through the control of the speech centre, whereby probably only the mother tongue will change into the High German language and all additionally acquired languages will be preserved for reasons of justice. 

At present, one can only learn to speak a language fluently if the teaching staff is free of this low "psycho" form of communication and for this reason I will limit myself to the written work and will never be able to learn to speak a foreign language fluently, also because my time will no longer be sufficient for this. 

For all others, for this reason, in adult education, the "special teachers" for German and Latin linguistics and language teaching are to be trained by your institute* and other distance learning institutes as language teachers and are to be given financial priority.

Please ensure that every interested and suitable student receives a PC and a free online connection to your institute, as there is enough hardware in the shops that can still be of great use!

Also the administration to the server and the funding possibilities by the state should not be the problem for you, but the illustration of your study manual by photo models or actors could become a problem, because photo models or actors have no business on an expensive study place in this respect!

With kind

Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch, Empress  


___________Ursula Sabisch, Luebeck, Germany____________