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Celibacy and the Church

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Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany

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Please, let the German-language letter be translated in many languages and be handed over to the right places.

                                                Luebeck, 12 . April 2010


Free English translation on 27 July 2021.

Talk Show Anne Will

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sirs, Dear Ms Will,

Like so many of your programmes, I also watched yesterday's programme and once again I noticed that you, Ms Will, as a presenter, want to convey your preconceived opinion to the large mass of TV viewers, as they are obviously quite easy to control.

One could see the attempt of control by your invited guests, whereby one of the gentlemen to your left started by throwing around survey quotas of the Catholics and one had to ask oneself where he could actually have got this information from.

You, on the other hand, showed a magazine via TV camera with the headline from the year of Pope Benedict XVI's appointment to the papacy, "We are Pope", and immediately asked what you thought was the corresponding question: Are we still Pope?

Where did you actually want to take the discussion?

Why did you use the term "fans" for the adherents of the Pope and why did you, as the host, not pay attention to the fact that one of the two or even both gentlemen to your left titled a Roman Catholic bishop with insulting words, which no one is entitled to do?

With any other guest you would probably have put a stop to such impertinent titles, only when it is a true clergyman who is publicly insulted, then you pay very close attention to the reaction of the audience and behave accordingly cautiously or briskly, just as the wind is blowing through the audience at that moment!

Don't you actually know which guest you had invited to your talk show?

Do you also not know that the Roman Catholic Church is not a football club where the coach is dismissed and constantly replaced if the team does not win regularly?

You know many things, but there are many things you don't know, and you are clearly underestimating a part of the great mass of your audience!
Even the man abused as a child, whom you presented and who did not want to be portrayed as a victim, you ultimately steered towards the statement you already know, that he had left the church and would certainly not rejoin so easily, which any person abused as a child would probably have done immediately as a taxpayer.

In doing so, you as editor or moderator were not concerned with the violation of human dignity and the resulting disorientation or disturbance of a person, but, you were concerned with something else entirely.

You wanted to see heads roll and so did your fellow campaigners on your left.

They wanted to divide the Church as much as possible and preferably separate the German bishops from the head of the Church, who obviously seems to be extremely dangerous for the Protestant Church, otherwise there would not have been so many unobjective accusations and insults of our Pope regarding his clothing and more. You had actually invited two fellow campaigners and three opponents to this round of talks, during which a film of the life of a Roman Catholic parish on Low Sunday was shown and some opinions of the parishioners were collected.

The respective questions of the reporter(s) were not broadcast.

This, of course, is a way of presenting opinions in a purposive way and then again reflecting them through polling quotas that may not be representative. 

Since the people are already in the process of losing their orientation, which has become particularly clear in these child abuse cases, in the increasing number of homosexual relationships and divorces, it would now finally be time to take over the reins and steer in the right direction, which does not only apply to Germany!

My impression as a Roman Catholic and North German was not, as claimed at the beginning, that Germany or rather the German people were particularly proud of having "provided" the Pope; in my opinion, it was no comparison with the palpable pride of the Polish people who had previously "provided" the Pope; probably because Martin Luther was provided by Germany and his followers are currently clearly working on forming the opinions of others!

Some excerpts from the Pope's life were shown, whereby I, as a person, do not forget that Mrs Merkel, who I otherwise hold in high esteem, wanted to publicly rebuke our Pope when the sensitive Holocaust story came out in the open again.

Mrs Merkel, as a Protestant, had put our Pope on her political level and publicly schooled him, in order to talk and reconcile with the Pope afterwards.
This disrespect towards the Pope and towards some Catholics has now opened some doors again for the media, mainly in Germany, which was clearly shown in your broadcast.

It is also clear in connection with the abuse cases that the media are looking for something in the life of our Pope to give our head of the Roman Catholic Church a leg up.
No other country is looking for headlines of this kind, but in Germany people are looking for ways to damage the head of the Church, and if they can't find anything, they won't surrender, or will they?

Shame on you, you would-be-great ones!

In between, Mrs Will, you asked what the Catholic Church could learn from Mrs Kaeßmann, which was addressed to the bishop and then the corresponding film to your question was shown.

You forgot to mention that Mrs Kaeßmann was only put in this position because of the media, or would Mrs Kaeßmann not otherwise have preferred to protect her office first?

You did not get the answer you wanted and at the end of the programme you repeated the question: What can the Catholic Church learn from Mrs Kaeßmann?

Dear Ms Will, you could have received the following answer:

One can learn from Mrs Kaeßmann to make the best out of a publicly known committed mistake by repenting of one's mistake, making it public and to leave office in the process.

Then you observe how the people react and start working with psychology. Before you know it, you are then in first place in the popularity ratings and the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference has taken last place.

But you did not get this answer from a Roman Catholic bishop, because he probably did not engage with this low level of your questioning.

And now we come to the point of this letter.

I would like to share with you and others what can really be learned from these "stories".

You, Mrs Will, without really knowing it, have possibly wanted to drop the one in your broadcast in it, who will indeed be called into a responsibility as the bearer of Christianity, into which not the usual people or your Mrs Kaeßmann can come.

The Bishop has already given you the reason for this. 

He has chosen a way of life through celibacy that has something to do with connecting to a counterpart (God), but at the same time he has not given up the earthly connection to people, but he has given up the sexual connection to a person, or the sexual life.

However, a person has to be created for this; that means a person has to have certain prerequisites in him to be able to recognise his calling through the true teaching, which is only possible through the transmission of Christianity and through role models. 

In addition, very much must be invested in a boy, especially on the part of the family, which cannot be bought.

It is a great responsibility of the parents to form such a child into an adult human being and to lead him towards his destiny, but certainly not with the result of having him later publicly insulted by ill-bred or spoilt "brats", which unfortunately is very often the case in talk shows!

It is indeed a man/ man (-Jesus, God-Son-God-Father) (Holy-Spirit) relationship with called men, but has nothing to do with a homosexual connection!

As Protestants, you wanted to penetrate this man/ man relationship with your female pastors and your male pastors, who first and foremost connect spiritually and physically with a woman or a man, whereby there will also be homosexual seculars among them, which, according to public opinion, allegedly only applies to a clergyman of the Roman Catholic Church, or does it?

The above-mentioned relationship of a clergyman are facts that can be confirmed, namely by my person, who had to cross more than just "Seven Bridges".

Thus, a wild confusion has come into this Monumental connection to a person, which is the subject of this item.

There will most likely be various recipients of the monumental connections, what has become possible to fathom.

It can also be a Martin Luther who is glorified and worshipped, and also within this recipient various forms of connection can take place.

Bisexuals, homosexuals, heterosexuals, child abuse, electronic eroticism via satellites, human-animal sexuality and electrical or electronic stimulation, with solar energy certainly already being used, and not forgetting the food or other objects that play a supporting role for satisfaction.

In addition, for a very long time "wedding couples" have been exchanged and a promise is broken that two people have made to each other in front of God, until death do them part!

It has also already happened through sexual unions that people of cultures, other than those of the occidental culture, with their roots have got into this wild mess, all determined by fate.

The greatest promise in front of God is made by the man in the direct connection with God through celibacy and the one church, but if this promise is no longer valid or the wild confusion gets out of hand, then the human being does not have to be surprised if he himself becomes remote-controlled in that the human being feels attracted to a same-sex partner, whereby even a clergyman is not exempt and can leave the norm.

This can then lead to assaults affecting children, especially within families, and homosexuality or reciprocal relationships with their consequences within the connection towards the Monumental-Realm are also pre-programmed by this, for example.

A similar great promise can also be made by a woman who wants to enter the Order as a religious sister in order to live and work for God and the people.

The whole matter has to be imagined like a "huge spine" ............ ...................................................................................................................................................................  and is still in the process of being built up, but not yet rebuilt or vice versa!  

Not only Christianity, but all human races and all world religions are to be reconciled in order to build a new beginning with a functioning cycle of the whole of life, in which every living being conceived and intended by Creation has their place, including those who have already died.

The right orientation towards God is the beginning, the role model function of a man is inevitably the continuation, into which the power to act must be integrated, and the dominance of man over woman is the actual goal of a social order, so that a child and a growing human being can orientate themselves correctly and remain protected from remote control as far as possible.

I advise you, especially you as Germans with a multiple obligation, to come to your senses, which not only "provided" the head of the church, but also the Authorities: Emperor, King and  Empress.

In fact, German culture has been chosen for a common and functioning cycle, whereby one will have to turn back the cultural heritage to the fifies in order to get to the level that is desired.

I can tell you what is desired and make my contribution to its implementation, because I am predestined to do so!
At Easter 2010, the Pope was rightly described as a gentle Pope. This Pope is deep-read and speaks many languages, but his mother tongue is German, as is mine, which means that I could communicate with our Pope in our common mother tongue.

The Emperor is also a Latin speaker; the King speaks Danish fluently, among other languages; which all makes sense, but nothing will keep its meaning without God.

The meaning of life can very quickly turn into nonsense, which is already the case for some people`s life, and the meaning can fall into the wrong hands, you better not forget this as a control-medium!

The media in particular is already showing the vision of some advanced film makers and people with mental illness are confirming much of what others have prophesied.

We have a gentle Pope who knows his duties very well and checks them very carefully. He is very precise in his directive and he is very precise in his diligence towards the accountability that everyone, but especially a Pope has to give exclusively to God and not to the German people or to a Mrs Merkel!

I very much hope that I have expressed myself clearly and that you can understand this letter correctly and not wrongly.
Under my leadership as Empress, the true clergy will be entitled and called upon to answer a Christian's naughtiness, as mentioned, with a slap in the face, because what was quite obviously neglected in you and many others must then also be made up for.

There are far too few true clergymen in the world at present, and one cannot spend hours discussing law, truth and faith, but it will be verifiable and provable a million times over which form of faith embodies and strives for the whole truth, whereby every great world religion bears at least one truth within itself.

The prosecution and my requested Cudgel will then indeed be called upon to take to task the right rascals and not the wrong ones, especially if the role model function of an adult is not given for the generations to come!

Thank you very much,

Ursula Sabisch

You will have to get used to a dictatorial monarchy under my leadership during the transition period towards another age, because I am by no means gentle!

        20 April 2020 German-language document checked.

___________Ursula Sabisch, Luebeck, Germany